Legal consultations on various matters are used by people all over the world. Many legal businesses belonging to this category require a reliable and easy scheduling software to plan their reservations efficiently and manage the time of their clients and professionals wisely. online scheduling software can become a great addition to your legal business and an invaluable assistant for handling your bookings. Our system can be used for booking appointments with attorneys, lawyers, tax consultants, dispute resolution professionals, etc. Your receptionist can now free a bit of his/her time to do other things at the office than to try to find available times for meetings. is perfect for organizing consultations with a relevant specialist at the required time that suits both the client and the service provider. Regardless of the sphere you are working in, your business needs a sleek and efficient booking solution to keep track of the reservations and adjust the availability of each staff member.
What scheduling software offers for legal services:
  • Creating multiple calendars for each staff member as well as managing all bookings in one admin calendar. Is a good solution for offices that have several legal specialists and want to allow appointments of each provider individually.
  • Special access to the system on different levels. There can be one or several admins; senior employees, who can manage all the bookings; junior employees, who can access only their own time and reservations and viewers, who can only see but can't change anything.
  • A variety of email and sms notifications that are sent when a client makes a booking, changes or cancels it. will also send reminders before the service to remind about the approaching meeting.
  • Statistics and reports for all your reservations that can be filtered by provider, client, service or date range. is reliable and secure scheduling system that provides professional booking services for thousands of users and millions of clients throughout the world. Feel free to ask questions and register an account to try our features. We are ready to help you with setup and you can use our features for free until you decide to upgrade. Our scheduling solution can become a great tool for both individuals who are just starting their business or for more established legal offices.
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