Both school and parents are responsible for the development of a child, so their interaction and cooperation is very important. Participation in meetings related to their child is not only one of the parent’s rights but also a powerful instrument that helps to reduce problematic behaviour and increases academic achievements. However, we all live busy lives and out-of-date mail/phone scheduling procedures take a lot of time, work and nerves.
So let online booking software make this process as painless as possible.
What we offer:
  • Create and manage bookings from both the client and admin interface 24/7. Save teachers and parents time. Let parents sign up for a meeting quickly and at any time of the day or night.
  • Secure customisable booking system with flexible settings and easy administration. Only staff members who are logged in can see information. One admin can set up the system and manage all the meetings. However, all the teachers can have controlled access of different levels, set their schedule, create meetings and manage bookings.
  • Creating multiple events as well as individual meetings. Whether it is a class or school meeting for parents or an individual appointment, our scheduling system can help you to organise it.
  • 2-way sync with teachers' Google calendars. Will be especially helpful while scheduling individual meetings because it will easily combine personal appointments with parent meetings.
  • Sending automatic email/sms notifications and reminders both to teachers and parents. Avoid parents no-shows and let teachers focus on their students.
  • Reports. You can filter the meetings by date, staff or parents. You can also export them to Excel spreadsheets, group them in any other way and print them out.
  • Booking functionality for school website. You can add a booking widget or button to your school website or Facebook fan page. online scheduler will help to reduce teachers adminstrative work, increase parental attendance and create a strong partnership between the home and the school. Simply set the schedule and let us do everything else for you!
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