Over the last few years, a popular new trend has caught on as an entertainment for people of all ages. This new entertainment is in the form of so called Quest or Escape rooms, as many call them. SimplyBook.me has seen these Escape rooms popping up in cities all over the world as a lot of them have signed up for our scheduling system. All of them have in common that after establishing the Quest room they need to create an online presence and implement a booking system. That allows them to immediately start to advertise their new entertainment business to people in their near environment and also to accept bookings at the same time.
For many of those companies, the SimplyBook.me online booking software is the only online web presence software that they will need. They get a website with company introduction, latest news, they can introduce a variety of rooms that guests can then schedule and they can show client reviews and feedback. When clients schedule a quest, they can say how many are in their group as well as various other additional information that may be necessary for the Escape room operator to know.
Some of the features included in the booking software:
  • Your own booking website and web presence
  • Booking widget for Facebook
  • Check your upcoming bookings anytime and anywhere with our fully mobile responsive admin interface
  • Presence in the BookingTroll directory to increase your visibility online
  • Extremely flexible system
  • Dashboard with various statistical information concerning the business
  • Promotion system to get your clients to do new quests

And a lot more...

We are sure that the trend of escape room entertainment has only just started and will continue to evolve over the years with a variety of new escape rooms appearing in one form or another. All of these escape rooms need a solid booking software that allows clients to make bookings when convenient for the client and when the room is available for booking. SimplyBook.me is there to solve their booking needs, as well as to offer marketing tools, and will continue to do so for escape rooms all over the world in the future.
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