One time or recurring events are being set up by people, companies or organisations for various gatherings all over the world all the time. In many of these cases, the event is limited by the number of participants that can participate and in such case it is important that people reserve their place. Very often, the organizer may also want to accept payments from the participants and then, an online appointment scheduler can be very useful, because people can pay at the same time they make a booking.
The booking system is extremely flexible and allows event organizers to create a booking website, where clients and participants can come and reserve their places. They can also pay and give more information about themselves during the booking process. It is also very simple to set up multiple or recurring events.
Important things to keep in mind for an Event booking software:
  • Can groups sign up?
  • Can you accept payments?
  • Can you install a booking widget on your FB fanpage? has also recently introduced a new timeline (steps in booking process) that suits occasional events and normal services offered at the same time. The software also has the possibility for clients to make group bookings so that one 'leader' can book for many at the same time. This is very convenient and eliminates the trouble for people to go through the booking process several times, in case one person is responsible to book for the whole group.
If you are offering services and have occasional events, which you want to see booked by your clients, the appointment scheduler will, for sure, be of great assistance.
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