Probably a lot of people have faced the issue when they need to figure out the design for their house, office, restaurant, shop, or even for the future website design. Very often this issue becomes a real challenge and, in such cases, it would be very helpful to have someone, who can give you the right advice or create the whole design.
If you are the person who can provide design consultations, then it would be a really good idea for you to set up your own booking website and can definitely help you with this.
Using SimplyВ you can:
  • Create your own customizable booking website — it is very easy to create your booking website and set up your availability. Using different custom features, you will be able to create the design of your booking website according to your needs.
  • Synchronize with Google calendar — Google calendar sync allows you to set up 2-way synchronization with Google calendar and you don't need to worry about double bookings any more.
  • Show examples of your work to your clients — with the Image Gallery custom feature you can upload the photos of your designs and simply convince potential clients that you are the right person they are looking for.
  • Accept online payments — forget about the process of collecting money and tracking all payments. All you need is to insert your payment details, set prices for your services and clients will make a payment after the confirmation of the booking.
  • Emails, sms and push notifications — using you can be sure that neither you nor your clients will forget about upcoming appointments.
Nowadays, it is getting more and more popular to have your own booking website. Now people prefer to book an appointment through the Internet rather than making a call. Just try and you will see that it will be a great benefit to your business. We encourage you to invest a small part of your precious time to examine our features and our software and you won't regret!
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