Yoga has been proven to empower people's health and spirit and is undeniably one of the most popular activities nowadays. People all over the world have started practicing yoga and increasing number of yoga studios are popping up in each country and every single town. As a consequence, modern yoga teachers who started with small group sessions are now facing a difficulty to cope with the amount of people applying for yoga classes.
Contemporary technologies allow to automate this process by giving people a chance to choose the convenient time and yoga instructor themselves. is an advanced online scheduling system for booking yoga classes. Everything your clients need to do is to select a time and book a spot. Our online calendar maker is an efficient and easy tool for scheduling classes of various types.
What offers for online scheduling of yoga classes:
  • Easy and convenient interface, where clients see all available instructors in one calendar and then simply choose a time that suits them.
  • Ability to have up to 99 people in one class. You set up the number of people in the class and when the system reaches the limit, the slot becomes unavailable for other bookings.
  • Sending customized notifications, depending on the service, to provide your clients with additional instructions, booking or contact info.
  • Automatic reminders before the yoga class, so your clients do not forget to come and to enjoy the training.
  • Membership feature where only your current yoga members can book a slot or sell membership to new clients! You can also allow everybody to book your services and choose to give discount solely to members to enhance your customer loyalty.
  • Creating specific availability in the agenda of each instructor.
  • Ability to create packs of weekly, monthly & quarterly classes that can be booked at once. It will help you to create regular services for your clients so they can arrive to your classes twice a week for example, on Mondays and Wednesdays for a whole month.
  • Ability to add booking functionality to your website or use our booking website as your main website.
Allowing clients to schedule yoga classes online will make your business even more popular and will help you to reach a whole new level of communication with your clientele. online appointment scheduling software is suitable both for booking yoga classes with individual yoga instructors, booking classes with yoga studios, booking yoga events, etc.

Feel free to experience the simplicity and convenience of online bookings with, professional and reliable online calendar maker!
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